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Visite culturelle et religieuse

* Orval Abbey (1): A peaceful place nestled in lush greenery, a must-see in the region. (10 km away)

* Basilica of Avioth (2): A building classified as a historical monument since 1840, a jewel of Gothic art, to be visited and its surroundings. (20 km away)

* Château fort de bouillon (3): Splendid vestige of feudalism which will not leave you indifferent. Its maze of corridors is waiting for you! (25 km away)

* Château de Sedan (4): The largest fortified castle in Europe. (35 km away)



* Beer Museum in Stenay (5): the Beer Museum in Stenay retraces the entire history of brewing arts and traditions, from its origins (-12,000 years) to the present day, with more than 2,500 m² of exhibition space . (35 km away)

* Musée gaumais de Virton (6): A museum in the color of our region. (30 km away)

* Lapidary Museum of Montauban (Virton) (6): On an ancient Roman roadway, visit the remains of an ancient Celtic refuge full of history over time. (30 km away)

* Aqua-repti-sud in Harnoncourt (7): Come and discover the special world of aqua and terrariums. (32 km away)

* Martelange slate museum (8): Come and discover an ambassador material for Anjou through the exhibition rooms, the hiking trails and the demonstrations. (40 km away)

* Museum of the Celts of Libramont (9): Small but very informative, come and meet this forgotten civilization. (30 km away)



* The Sentiers des Songes (10) (16): Thanks to the Sentiers des Songes, enter a world of dreams and poetry during a revitalizing walk punctuated by unusual artistic works. Possibility to leave from Herbeumont or Montmèdy.

* La ferme des fées des Hayons (11): A magical world that will delight young and old, sale of regional products. (30 km away)

* The fairy hole at Croix Rouge (12): immerse yourself in the tales and legends of our beautiful region thanks to this walk to meet the fairies. (30 km away)

* Archéoscope de Bouillon (3): Gathering of the best of technology and staging to make you experience the 1st Crusade in the footsteps of Duke Godefroid, Pierre l'Ermite and thousands of men on their way to Jerusalem. (25 km away)

* Bouillon animal park (13): Come and admire around 90 different animal species. (30 km away)


Village pittoresque

* St-Hubert (14): Many attractions will make you visit this charming city. You will be able to discover the Saint-Michel furnace estate, a real vestige of 18th century Ardennes life as well as its game park. (45 km away)

* Torgny (15): The most beautiful village in Wallonia invites you to Belgian Provence for your greatest change of scenery. (40 km away)

* Montmèdy (16): Come and discover its ramparts and its majestic citadel. (30 km away)


Balades pédestres

You can also take advantage of our many trails that run through the woods.